Best Rabbit Hutch: Keep Your Bunnies Comfortable All Year Round!

Best Rabbit Hutch

The best rabbit hutch is the ideal home for our bunny pals. Rabbits make the perfect pets for young and old alike, they’re adorable companions, they’re quite low maintenance and they are happy simply to be grazing on the grass under a clear blue sky.

Yes, the life of a rabbit is indeed a simple one, with simple requirements, and if you have a pet rabbit you will know that to ensure their life is happy and their needs are met, a decent outdoor rabbit hutch is a perfect home for them.

Whether you are making the decision to get a new pet rabbit for yourself, or that you already keep them but are looking to move it outside to emulate more their life in the wild, you soon find that rabbit hutches come in different sizes, designs and qualities and it honestly can be hard to know which is the best rabbit hutch for your fluffy pet.

Our Top Picks

Advantek The Urban Chicken Coop


First up is the best rabbit hutch for those that are short on space. People who have bought this hutch previous sing it’s praises as being aesthetically pleasing, safe and compact, as well as a comfortable home for their pets. You have an indoor nesting box for the rabbits to sleep in and get some privacy which has a hatch and a ramp leading to an enclosed outdoor area.

This hutch sits directly on the ground with no flooring on the outdoor area which allows the rabbits to graze on the grass and plant life when you put them outdoors. The nesting box has a pullout tray which catches all of the debris, so it can all be easily removed.

Assembly is required for this product but it’s only light assembly and does not require too much work. The hutch is beautifully painted, but there is no word about the paints being non-toxic so please take this into consideration. The wood itself is rot resistant and insect resistant obtained from government controlled sustainable forests.

It does make a great indoor rabbit hutch, but you may want to put some nice flooring down underneath it to protect your own flooring and to make your bunnies feel at home. A patch of astroturft would do nicely!

It’s also available on Amazon prime which means that if you are subscribed you get this item at a reduced price and are potentially eligible for faster delivery! Not to mention Amazon’s video content and also a Twitch Prime subscription too, that’s value!

TRIXIE Pet Products Rabbit Hutch with Outdoor Run


If you are looking for a small, two story rabbit hutch then look no further than this rabbit hutch offered by Trixie. At first glance, it may look quite standard or even simplistic but it’s designed with you and your pet in mind; granting you easy access for easy cleaning and handling and your rabbit a cozy, comfortable little home.

The nesting box has two doors, one which you can see into and also has a hatch and a non-slip ramp leading your rabbit to the outdoor area that extends underneath the nesting box. The whole structure is durable, solid wood construction with a glazed pine finish.

The roof is waterproof and is actually hinged with a locking arm allowing you to keep it open and access inside the nesting box from the top if needs be. The nesting box also has a pull out plastic tray so that you can clean the inside with ease.

The outdoor part of the hutch has an open bottom which allows your rabbit to graze on the grass if it is used as an outdoor rabbit hutch but it’s also small and compact enough to be used as an indoor rabbit hutch too! This hutch is also available on Amazon prime!

Petsfit Rabbit Hutch


The petsfit is an outdoor or indoor rabbit hutch that’s designed to be raised off the ground to keep your rabbits safe from predators if they are being kept outside. It also allows you easy reach into the hutch if you don’t have a raised surface to put it on.

Aesthetically it looks sleek and minimalistic with its cool grey painted wood slats that make up the nesting box. The roof opens up and secures in place when open so you have easy access to the inside with a handy pull out tray for easy cleaning also.

The nesting box has removable wood plates above the removable tray too so your pets are not sitting on a metal sheet on the inside. The run also opens form the top and from the side with some securely fastened doors cage doors.

Overall this is a very well built rabbit hutch that’s great for most situations, good value for money and also very highly rated by buyers.

Lovupet Rabbit Hutch


This spacious two story rabbit hutch is for bunnies with a predominantly indoor lifestyle. Both floors have two doors each and the roof also lifts up and locks in place. There’s also a removable tray for each floor too so you can pull out all the debris and unwanted material with ease.

A hatch door separates the two floors which can be shut to restrict access from either the top or bottom, allowing you to clean either floor without the rabbits getting in the way. There’s a non-slip ramp leading between the floors and the roof is covered with asphalt to prevent rain from entering.

It’s a very durable, well-constructed wooden hutch where the wood has been treated for fungal infestation preventing rot. The reviews for this product are mixed though so it’s definitely worth you checking out what previous customers have to say before buying!

Pawhut Deluxe Large Wooden Rabbit Hutch


If you are planning on raising a family of rabbits, planning on breeding or are interesting in larger breeds, this deluxe two story rabbit hutch by Pawhut is perfect for all your rabbit’s needs. It’s really big and would probably only be suitable for outside for most people, it doesn’t have a base and so can rest on top of lawn for your rabbits to happily graze like they would in the wild.

It has four central doors; two upstairs and two downstairs, with a non-slip ramp running down from each side of the extra-large nesting box. The nesting box has a pullout tray too just as all the best rabbit hutches do.

It looks great too, with a glazed pine wood construction and green treated asphalt roofing to keep the damp out of the nesting box and the run areas; the colors go great together. It’s a sturdy, well-built rabbit hutch using only the highest quality materials. Just like most rabbit hutches, you’ll come across; assembly will be required.

Customers really rate this product too, mostly for being great value for money as a smaller rabbit hutch could cost you just as much as this one. They also love its high quality built, unique design and pretty aesthetic which really does add to the appeal of your garden. If you have the space for it and the can afford it, this really is the best rabbit hutch option or anyone!

What Makes The Best Rabbit Hutch?

The rabbit hutches that are available to buy all vary in type, quality, and size and can fall anywhere on a fairly broad price range.

After considering the following guide below about common characteristics of the best rabbit hutch choices, check out our top picks and you’ll find that the best rabbit hutch is more a preference that relates to whether or not you are getting the best product for you in relation to how much you pay.

After all, it depends on yours and your pet’s needs, the amount of space you have available, whether you are looking to keep your rabbit indoors or out and then any other features you think would improve your overall experience with the best rabbit hutch.

Even if you want to keep your rabbit as an indoor pet, there are still plenty of benefits to keeping them in an indoor rabbit hutch rather than a cage. It allows them to roam around more and feel more as one of the family without letting them free roam to be able to chew on your furniture and cables.

The best rabbit hutch models are not much different from chicken coops; in fact, many products on the market are interchangeable and can be used for either purpose. They’re typically a wooden structure with hatches that allow access to inside the hutch. They also usually have an “outdoor” area or run that’s contained with wire, giving your rabbit the ability to graze if kept outdoors.


You know you got what you paid for when your hutch lasts for years to come without experiencing wear and weathering. It’s never a good idea to go for hutches that seem too cheap to be true because the materials, particularly the wood used in its manufacture may not be of best quality or may not be treated so that it’s weather and chew resistant.

If you receive a rabbit hutch and the wire isn’t attached properly, it may be sticking out in places you have not seen then send it back! Likewise for any split wood, wood with termite or woodworm holes and any unsmoothed wood.


Rabbit in hutchThe best rabbit hutch needs to fit in the space you have, that’s for sure. But it’s going to need to be big enough to fit your rabbits in and for them to live comfortably inside. If you have just one or two rabbits, I’m sure indoor hutch types available will be plenty of space for them, depending on the breed, of course.

If you are planning on having a whole rabbit family, or are even thinking of breeding them, you are going to need either a large rabbit hutch or a two-story rabbit hutch to accommodate them all. Just be sure you aren’t cramping them into a small space.

Ventilation and Toxicity

Any well-built rabbit hutch will be ventilated enough but this is also something to look out for when it comes to cheaply made ones. If a rabbit hutch hasn’t got the ventilation, the oxygen in the air contained in the hutch will fall and your rabbits will fall ill.

This will also be the case if toxic paints or other materials are used in the construction and decoration of your rabbit’s home to be. Be sure to pay attention to the product descriptions and specification and make certain that you are not, for example, locking your rabbits into a space that might be coated in a paint that releases toxic vapors.

Easy Access/Cleaning

In some designs, you are able to open the roof for easy access, which is quite handy, especially if you are breeding and need access to the babies. It also makes it easier to clean the hutch, replace bedding, food, and water.

Other designs have a very handy removable tray from the bottom of the hutch so that all the waste material can be quickly and easily removed, the flooring cleaned and then just as easily reinserted again. The best rabbit hutch designs employ this method and are for sure something you should keep an eye out for.

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