Fish are wonderful pets; a decent fish tank, decorated nicely with some beautiful fish in there can really bring an atmosphere of harmony into a room and add to its décor. The thing about keeping fish though is that they can vary quite wildly in maintenance requirements and the expenses it takes to run a thriving tank.

What fish you choose to host in your home is a matter of preference, funds or how much effort you are willing to put in to keep the tank running because if you are not up to cleaning the tank every so often it will mean you’ll need to spend more on filters to help automate the process.

This is where AnimalMentor comes in; we’re here to help you decide on the type of fish tank is best for you, the products you’ll need and also to give advice any other optional purchases that might make your life easier to make sure you can have a fish tank that not only looks beautiful but is as low maintenance as it can be.

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