Best Chicken Waterer: Convenient Fresh Water for the Chickens

Chicken WatererBelieve it or not but the average adult chicken can drink up to 1 liter of water in warm weather and around half of that in temperate climates. Like every animal, chickens require access to a fresh and clean water supply for survival and in order to maintain good health and wellbeing.

However, ensuring your chickens have a good supply of water throughout the day isn’t always an easy task. In fact, it can be a labor-intensive task, especially if you have a large flock.

In addition, the condition of the water is also heavily dictated by weather conditions, and chickens do have a tendency to splash it out, wasting valuable drinking water too. Another common issue for those who provide their chickens with standing water in an open trough is that it’s easily contaminated by wildlife and falling debris.

To deal with all of these common issues and to make your life easier and their life more comfortable, the best chicken waterer automates the entire process and ensures your chickens have a healthy supply of clean water throughout the day.

Our Top Picks

Chicken WatererBest ForOur Rating
RentACoop Chicken WatererGood Capacity and BPA Free Plastic8/10
Galvanized Double Wall FountsVersatile and Has Sloped Top8/10
Harris Farms EZ Fill Poultry DrinkerVery Handy and BPA Free Plastic9/10
RentACoop 1L Chick DrinkerSimple and Easy7/10

RentACoop Chicken Waterer


If you have a sizeable flock to keep hydrated, then this 2 Gallon Chicken Waterer will provide them with fresh and clean water for up to 5 days. All you have to do is open the cap on the lid and fill with water, which can be easily achieved with a common garden hose for maximum convenience. This means the water inside will be protected from environmental contamination such as falling leaves, chicken waste and other animals and insects.

Once full, you simply place in a suitable location, such as inside the chicken hutch or hung from the chain outside for easy access by the entire roost. Since this is a nipple feeder, water is conserved and splashing is kept to a minimum to avoid wastage. This also helps prevent the ground and bedding from getting wet, which is a common complaint with open style waterers.

The plastic design also means there’s no need to worry about rust or environmental damage. Naturally, some people are worried about the controversial substances found in many plastics; however, this particular waterer is BPA free and suitable as a food grade item.

Galvanized Double Wall Founts


Another of the best chicken waterer options to keep your chickens hydrated is this Galvanized Double Wall Fountain. It is composed of a drinking plate with metal dome to keep the chickens from roosting on the top.

In total, this has a 5-gallon capacity making it ideal for medium to large sized flocks. These types of chicken waters are great if you have chickens who do not take well to nipple feeders, or if you are looking for a solution to prevent the water from freezing over the winter months.

Just like other units, you simply take off the top and fill the inner container with water. Once the top is placed back on it is then locked into position and compresses a copper spring ring and neoprene seal, which releases the water into the pan below and creates a vacuum to sustain a steady water level in the drinking pan. The pan itself features rolled edges and a sloped top to prevent roosting, while the pan provides ample space so that many chickens can drink water simultaneously.

Another major benefit of a metal choice of best chicken waterer, such as this one, is that it can be used to prevent water from freezing during winter and cold weather. This does require it to be used in conjunction with a heated electrical plate placed underneath the pan, but since the steel design conducts heat quite well, it will help maintain a good supply of water right through the winter months.

Some people also find that metal waterers are more hygienic than plastic, although this is largely a personal preference. Since it’s galvanized it will have a long life and be well guarded against rust. Overall, this fount is a great solution for happy drinking whatever the season and since it’s available in sizes from 1 gallon to 5, it should provide enough water for around 5 days between refills, helping to save you time to do other farm duties.

Harris Farms EZ Fill Poultry Drinker


If you are on the hunt for an easy and convenient way to provide your birds with a constant flow of clean water, then the best chicken waterers by Harris Farms are a great choice. Made from BPA free plastic, these automatic chicken drinkers won’t get rusty are easy to carry and can be used indoors and out. The best part is that the Harris range offers a Heated Poultry Drinker Base, which is a great buy as it will prevent water freezing and getting too cold for your chickens in the cold weather.

Available in a wide range of different sizes, from 2 to 6 gallons, these waterers are ideal for those with a few chickens or those with a large flock of up to 100 birds. They‘re also perfect for other types of poultry too, including turkeys and game birds.

This drinker does require minimal assembly, but once its set-up; it won’t need to be messed with again. You then simply fill the top bucket up and thanks to the float inside water will be provided to the pan when it gets below a certain level. The valve cap inside prevents any water sloshing around or leaking out during transportation, which is an advantage and it also means no water is wasted.

Overall this is a great solution for bird owners, is easy to clean, transport and keeps water guarded against other animals, insects, leaves and falling debris. Bear in mind, that you will need to purchase the heated base separately.

RentACoop 1L Chick Drinker


If you have chicks or small birds, then this Chick Drinker by RentACoop will serve them well. With a 1 liter capacity, it will provide clean drinking water for several days, freeing up time for you to attend to other duties.

The size of this drinker makes it lightweight enough to be easily fitted onto the sides of cages, which is a typical place to house baby chicks and other birds. You don’t even have to worry about working out how to attach it since it comes with a metal bracket for easy attachment.

To use this poultry you simply fill with water and when the poultry wants a drink they peck at the red cup.  Inside the red cup is a yellow lever, which when pecked by the bird will release a drop of water into the cup until eventually, they have enough to take a sip. This is a great way to stimulate them and get them used to larger style drinkers. It’s also a great way to prevent the bedding and surfaces from getting damp as no water will leak or be splashed over the coup.

Factors to Consider when Buying The Best Chicken Waterer

The main reason people opt for the best chicken waterer is to provide their birds with a clean and consistent supply of water. In order to achieve this, a good quality waterer must be the right size, material, be durable and guarded against the elements in order to keep it clean. With that said, here are some of the most important things to consider when selecting the best chicken waterer.

Size of your Flock 

The best chicken waterer choices are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes, in terms of both holding capacity and available space for the birds. If you have a small number of birds you will probably be better served with a 1 to 3-gallon waterer with a few drinking nipples. However, if your flock is large a 6-gallon waterer would be advised and one with a pan that will easily allow many birds to drink without any fighting occurring.

Inside or Outside Drinking? 

Another important thing to consider is where the water source is going to be located. If outdoors small drips and splashes aren’t usually much of an issue and therefore pan fountain designs are fine. However, if you plan on having the water source inside a coup,  then the best chicken waterer, in this case, will be equipped with drinking nipples which will help prevent bedding and flooring from getting damp.

Additionally, roosting is a common hygiene issue, so the best chicken waterer options are designed to prevent your birds lying on them and this is an advantage. Think rounded edges and rounded tops.


Plastic is the common material used to make some of the best chicken waterers since it’s durable, cheap, lightweight and easy to clean. However, many people complain about them building up a “slimy” substance and are concerned about BPA’s and other substances they contain.

The alternative is metal versions, typically constructed from galvanized steel. These have the benefit of being free from potentially harmful substances and some people feel they are more hygienic. However, since they are made from metal they are more susceptible to rust.

Water Heating

In the cold weather and during the winter months, it’s common for water to freeze, therefore leaving your poor birds without water they can actually drink. The solution is to use a heating plate that you place underneath the best chicken waterer in order to keep it in a liquid state. Bear in mind that these are not included with most units and they tend to work best with metallic waterers.