Best Holistic Dog Food

Best Holistic Dog Food

We love our canine companions and we want the absolute best for their wellbeing to keep them happy and content with their lives. Does the food they eat tie in with this?

Keeping Our Dogs Happy!

Keeping Our Dogs Happy!It’s unfortunate that we can’t speak to our pets and so we have to try to read how they feel through our interpretations of their body language. Tail wagging, a relaxed demeanor, playfulness, the look in their eyes are all signs your dog is content, but of course, dogs can vary in this too, some individuals might not be as playful as others for example.

We know that our pets are happier when we devote our love and time to them in the form of grooming, food, exercise, and socialization. It’s similar to Humans in a way, except humans can be more complicated which is why a lot of people prefer the company of their pets.

However, we do approach human happiness a little differently and we often consider an organic diet to promote a healthier lifestyle. People often claim switching to organic gives them a boost of energy, clearer skin, a stronger immune system which in turn has positive benefits on the health of their mind and outlook on life, so why would we not consider a more natural diet for our dogs?

Promoting better physical health through a natural or organic diet is a holistic approach and aims to increase happiness through feeling healthier and looking after the physical health by avoiding the possible long-term health detriments of processed food, an unbalanced diet and unnecessary additives found in processed food.

Defining Organic Food

What is organic food and what is the difference between that and non-organic food? The straightforward answer to this is that organic food has no artificial additives present in the whole process of the food production. This stems from the very source of the food crops and materials used to create it.

Defining Organic Food

Non-GMO: Animal and crop sources for the food do not have any artificial genetic modifications such as those that are used to enhance the immune systems and pest control functions of the animals and crops used.

No Additives: Including no artificial sugars, salts or preservatives. Additionally, organic farms which food ingredients are sourced do not use pesticides, synthetic fertilizers on crops nor artificial hormones or antibiotics in their animals.

Regulation: Products which have been deemed organic by certifying companies such as the Non-GMO Project are labeled as such. Also, the AAFCO label shows that the food is actually fit to be eaten by pets. Both companies have strict rules and a rigorous process to comply with to obtain their label but it really proves whether or not a product is worth your trust.

How Can Organic Food Benefit Your Dog?

Without the additives and preservatives, organic dog food avoids problems associated with foods which are not organic. They are generally much softer on the stomach and greatly benefit dogs that have digestive and skin ailments due to them usually being hypoallergenic too.

It’s safe to say that organic dog food is a bit more expensive than standard dog foods but are also higher in nutritional value as they tend to use real meat rather than animal by-products like non-muscle tissue.

With a diet which avoids nasty chemicals that are added to non-organic foods during the manufacturing process, your dog is less likely to develop allergies in the future. There are countless studies performed and that confirms the benefits of organic eating for humans and we can only assume it is the same for animals but as concluded by this study, there are gaps in knowledge to the extent that these benefits have for animals.

Our Top Picks

Taste of the Wild Natural Dry Dog Food


Great range of flavors!
Great range of sizes!
Added prebiotics and probiotics!
Made in the USA!

A highly rated, highly appealing and fairly expensive organic food product, Taste of the Wild offers nothing less than luxury for your canine. Every about this product scream deluxe, from the packaging to the array of flavors which are quite irresistible, if only human food was marketed quite like this!

Bearing in mind this product is made from organically sourced ingredients; there is a range of delicious sounding flavors like bison & venison, lamb, salmon, wildfowl, boar and more that completely justify the price! The flavors are advertised with a view that you would be stimulating your dog’s innate choice of food as pet dogs are closely genetically related to wild wolves that in nature would choose these animals as prey.

You can purchase this product in many different sized bags too from 5-30lbs; the larger bags being better overall value for money and will last you a long time. There is also a range of kibble sizes, not just the one linked here, so check out their full range to find one suitable for your dog whether they are small, large, puppy, adult or pregnant.

The formulation of this food, including the added pre and probiotics, will result in many great benefits for your dog’s health. The fiber content helps with digestive functions, omega’s with benefits to the skin as well as the dog specific probiotics boost the immune system.

Castor & Pollux Organix Butcher & Bushel Dog Food


Good Range of Flavors!
Made in the USA!

Castor & Pollux has a great organic dog food product, with a nice variety of traditional flavors and attractive packaging. This is a wet food product which is more palatable to some doggies; it’s also great to mix with kibble to supplement a balanced diet.

The animals that are farmed for this food is free-range, non-GMO and are not treated with synthetic antibiotics or hormones. There are essentially two flavors, chicken or turkey but can come in several varieties.

This dog feed also has added vitamins which will give your dog a better overall health and is at a good affordable price, great for pet owners on a budget.

Natural Ultramix Adult Dry Dog Food


No poultry!
USDA Certified!
Made in the USA!

For those that would like a highly rated organic dog kibble but are on a budget, this is the best organic dog food choice. You can see the dry fruit and vegetables mixed in with the kibble, it resembles muesli but dogs do love it as the reviews indicate!

You can buy a bag as small as 5lbs or as big as 25lbs so you can get as much as you like according to your needs. This is a great non-poultry alternative for dogs who have allergies to poultry; this particular one uses salmon meat but there are lamb and duck versions available too.

It’s packed with fiber to aid digestion and has plenty of minerals and vitamins to keep your dog’s coat how it naturally should be: healthy (this would depend on the breed). You will not find any corn, soy or wheat in this product either which further reduce the likely hood of allergic reactions and irritation.

Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry Dog Food


Good flavor selection!
Great range of products!

Another great budget brand for holistic dog food is Halo Pot’s; they have many different products available to suit your needs. Some are for pregnant dogs, some for puppies others are more functional like for weight loss or weight gain; they are great formulations to help your dog through hard times.

There’s not as much flavor diversity as other brands, mostly being chicken, turkey or lamb but rest assured that there is only whole meat used in this organic food and no animal by-products. As an organic product, there are no growth hormones, synthetic antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, preservatives and no factory farming either overall a great, guilt-free pet food for owners on a budget.

Holistic Pet Ownership

To wrap things up here, it’s important to know what’s best for your dog, whether they are a large or small breed, young or old and if they have any medical conditions. Always consult with your vet if you are supplementing your pet’s diet to help any health conditions so they can advise you on the correct course of action to take.

When you want the best for your pet, the holistic approach is a great option, as the food on offer tries to mimic their natural food preferences whilst also offering a balanced diet that promotes good health which in return results in happy dogs.

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