Dog Proof Litter Box: Keep the Pooch Out!

Dog Proof Litter Box

Dogs love to sniff everything – unfortunately that often includes cat poop too. Why? Well to your dog it just smells of cat food! If you’ve got a cat, you probably know about this all too well, especially if you have a cat litter box. Keeping your dog away from the cat litter box can be quite a chore.

Thankfully, there are measures you can take: obtaining the best dog proof litter box. In this article, we’ll examine some of the best measures to take and examine some of the best dog proof litter box options you can use to help keep your dog away from the litter.

Best Dog Proof Litter Box: Our Top Picks

Dog Proof Litter BoxBest ForOur Rating
PetSafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter BoxSelf Cleaning and Less Mess9/10
Petmate Top Entry Litter PanSimplistic and Affordable6/10
Catit Hooded Cat Litter BoxPrivate7/10
ecoFlex Litter LooGreat Looking8/10
Marchioro Covered Cat Litter PanPrivate7/10

PetSafe Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box


The Scoop Self-Cleaning Litter Box is a litter box that makes the cleaning and collecting process an automated process. It’s equipped with sensors that are able to sense your cat has finished going to the toilet and immediately works to remove the feces and deal with the odor.

Hassle-free – Since this litter box is automated, no scooping, cleaning or refilling required, it cleans itself.

No offensive smells – The litter box collects and deposits the waste in a safe storage compartment that can be removed and deposited in the garbage easily and conveniently. This compartment also works to dehydrate the waste, reducing odor from urine and feces.

Senses your Cat – The box has built-in auto-sensors that can detect when your feline friend has left. It will then activate a rake to collect the waste and place it into the secure compartment.

Advantages: A good option for busy owners who want the convenience above all else and don’t want to collect odorous waste.

Disadvantages: The cats waste is raked 20 minutes after being produced, so it may not be adequate time to prevent your canine friend from causing a nuisance. In addition, the replaceable trays are said to need replacing around once a month, while many observe they need replacing much more regularly.

With that being said, this product offers ultra convenience and even reduces the frequency at which you need to clean your cat’s litter box, which isn’t a nice chore at all. This reason alone makes this without a doubt the best dog proof litter box.

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan


The Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan has an innovative design, which makes your feline do his or her business inside the box, where dogs will find it extremely difficult to access.

Top Access – The restricted access and enclosed design mean your dog will find it extremely difficult to gain access to cat poop and pee.

Thoughtful design – The actual cat litter lid is hinged, allowing you to easily gain access to clean and remove waste. It also features a slotted design, which allows any litter your cat may have attached to them to fall off and back into the box as they leave.

Advantages: The fact that the entrance is positioned at the top means that smaller dog breeds will have a difficult time gaining access to the cat waste. It also helps to reduce litter spillage which tends to occur when cats bury their waste.

Disadvantages: Larger dog breeds will still manage to gain entry into the top area of the litter box. There’s also an indentation in the bottom of the litter box that makes it more difficult to clean with the scoop.

Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box


The Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box is an extremely convenient litter box fitted with a door flap, providing both privacy and security as your cat goes to the toilet.

Good size – The box dimensions and size makes this litter box suitable for cats of all sizes, even the largest of felines.

Carbon filter – This litter box has a built-in carbon filter traps molecules and helps to reduce odor from your cat’s poop.

Versatile Door Flap – The cat flap allows easy entry for only your pet cat, providing them with both privacy and security. If you prefer not to use the flap or find your cat isn’t too keen on it, it can easily be folded on top of the litter box if preferred.

Advantages: The box comes with a handy carry handle and the cover fits nice and flush, helping to prevent any messy leaks.

Disadvantages: The carbon filter that helps control odor could become a target for bored cats to scratch on.

ecoFlex Litter Loo


The ecoFlex cat litter box is ideal for pet owners looking to avoid the typical cat litter box appearance, while at the same time helping to keep dogs away from waste. This stylised litter box can also be doubled up as a lamp stand, coffee table or end table, a rare opportunity in the litter box world.

Large size – The cat litter box is available in two sizes, medium and large ideal for big cat owners, or for those fussy cats that prefer a little more room.

Durable material – Although it has a wood-like appearance, the box is actually constructed from a recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that is incredibly durable and doesn’t absorb any moisture. This means you don’t have to be concerned about the wood warping or getting wet as your cat starts to make use of it.

Flip down front – The raised front hole helps to stop canine intruders and is hinged, allowing you to easily flip it down when emptying and cleaning waste.

Advantages: The design is hygienic and unique, perfect for those looking for a cat litter tray that blends in nicely with their home decor.

Disadvantages: The open sides may allow odor to easily disperse and linger in your home, making it more appropriate to place in a less frequented part of the home.

Marchioro Covered Cat Litter Pan


The Marchioro Covered Litter Box has a low entrance height, making it very challenging for dogs to gain entry, while flexible and nimble cats find it no issue whatsoever.

Detachable lid– The lid keeps your cat secure and safe while going to the toilet, and also helps to trap odor throughout the day. This is ideal for people who may be out at work all day and don’t want that smell dispersing through their home.

Odor filer – As well as the odor trapping design, the box is fitted with an odor filter that actively captures and collects bad odor and can last as long as 6 months before it needs changing.

Advantages: The bottom opening helps to prevent dogs accessing the litter tray easily, especially large dog breeds.

Disadvantages: Smaller dog breeds may still be able to gain access easily and some cat breeds may not like the idea of having to contort into such a tight space.

Top Tips for Stopping Your Dog Eating Cat Poop

Here are some of the best approaches to help stop your dog going near the cat poo!

#1. Place the cat litter box out of your dogs reach – Cat’s can climb and can navigate to places no dog can, so use this to your advantage and try and place it where only your cat can access. For example, on a tabletop or custom built shelf, the downside of this is that some people prefer cat litter and its contents to stay on the floor, especially if it’s in a location for food preparation or dining.

#2. Clean the cat litter swiftly – One of the most effective ways to stop your dog getting at the cat poop is to clean the litter box as soon as they do their business. Granted, this isn’t always possible but it’s a sure way to prevent your dog sniffing or eating it.

#3. Enclose the Cat Litter – An effective way to keep your cat’s litter box away from the dog is to keep it in a secluded area, for instance, behind a child safety gate. Felines usually have no issue jumping over a gate to the littler box, while it acts as an effective barrier to the average canine.

#4. Auto-cleaning cat litter boxes – There are a variety of cat litter boxes designed to be “self-cleaning”, many of which are considered to be quite gimmicky, however, there are some that live up to their claims. These are often the best dog proof litter box options available. The electric models clean your cat’s poop straight away, by removing it and storing it in a closed-off compartment.

#5. Covered litter boxes – A variety of cat litter boxes come with a cover that contains a flap that only cats can gain access to. Unfortunately, not all felines like these and can be quite reluctant to use them, yet for more confident cats, they can be an innovative solution.

#6. Add Flavoring to your Cats Poop – There are a variety of foods designed to make cat poop taste and smell less appealing to dogs. This works for some people, while many often find their cat just won’t touch it.

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