Best Cat Fountain

Best Cat Fountain

The wild relatives of your house cat will derive most of the water they need from their diet and so don’t tend to have the desire to drink much water. When cats do decide to go for a drink, they prefer cool, fresh running water rather than a still pool, as an instinctual way of avoiding stagnant water that could contain diseases and parasites.

This is why you may notice your pet feline jumping onto the kitchen counter when you run the faucet, trying to drink out of the toilet or even dipping their paw into their water bowl before drinking, they’re trying to obtain a water source that’s fresh and clean.

The best cat fountain is a simple solution to this. They are designed to provide your cat with a constant supply of fresh running water which encourages your cat to drink more preventing it from becoming dehydrated; avoid illness and urinary tract infections. This is absolutely necessary if they are only eating dry food and especially if you and your cat live in a particularly dry, hot environment.

Our Top Picks

Cat Water FountainBest ForOur Rating
PetSafe DrinkwellMulti-tiered8/10
Razoo Cat Water FountainCompact, non-tip design7/10
HoneyGuaridan W18 AutomaticStylish7/10
PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Pet Water FountainBeautiful ceramic9/10
Dog Mate Large Fresh Water Drinking FountainExtra large8/10

PetSafe Drinkwell Multi-Tier Water Fountain


PetSafe is a large and respectable pet brand that manufactures and sells reliable, well-received products that pet owners love! The best cat fountain models offered by Petsafe have all the high standards people have come to expect from Petsafe. It has a free falling stream of fresh running water over two tiers of basins. This means that smaller pets down have to reach up too high to get their drink and larger pets, especially those with arthritis, don’t have to stoop down too low.

The fountain holds 100 ounces of water that goes through a carbon filter which ensures the water is thoroughly cleaned and aerated removing tastes and doors which entices your pet to drink from the stream and keeps them hydrated and healthy.

It has low power consumption – only a 12V system, and a submersible pump which ensures the system runs quietly. To top it off, the plastic fountain is BPA free so not only is it lightweight and dishwasher safe but free from harmful, carcinogenic chemicals contained in other plastic products that could potentially seep into the water supply.

The pump is also very easy to take apart and clean out and the components go back together again without any issues at all. You’ll have no problem when the times comes in taking 5 minutes to get the pump clean and back in action again.

Razoo Cat Water Fountain


What’s great about the Razoo Cat Water Fountain is it has a compact, bottom-heavy design, so it’s not so easily tipped over by your pets or clumsy people. Just like the PetSafe fountain, it’s free from BPA plastic material and so is completely safe for your pet to use. It also has three different flow settings which can appeal differently to your cat so try them out.

It’s also got a double carbon filter design going for it, to make doubly sure that dirt and pet hair doesn’t get through the filtration cycle and keeps the water fresh and clean. You will also receive 2 extra replacement filters with this purchase so it’s great value for money.

It hold 68 ounces of water and has a silent submersed pump so you and your house guests are not distracted by an erroneous buzzing noise that other products like this can sometimes make. The reviews for this product are mostly great so make sure to check them out before deciding on your purchase.

HoneyGuaridan Smart Automatic Pet Water Fountain


This pet water fountain has a really pleasing, stylish aesthetic and rounded design making it easier to place in your home as you won’t get corners poking around edges, tripping people up! The main feature of this product (and it works the reviews can testify to that!) is the infra-red sensor which detects whether your pet is close to begin flowing. This is a highly energy efficient mode you can switch the fountain on to if you want to save on your utility bills.

Other than the sensor mode it also has two others; continuous and intermittent. Continuous is self-explanatory but intermittent works with the fountains self-timer. It flows water for about an hour and then switches off for 30 minutes. It holds up to 87 ounces of water which is a good in-between capacity of the previous products we’ve featured.

Another great feature of this fountain is that it has an LED light to show you its status and even tells you when it is running low on water and in need of a refill. Its super easy to take apart and clean the components too including the coconut shell carbon filter!

PetSafe Drinkwell Pagoda Water Fountain


Another fantastic Petsafe product here, it’s their Pogoda fountain. It has got to be the most stylish of the cat fountains out there; made from a sleek ceramic material and comes in various colors! It holds 70 ounces of water, which is not as much as other similar products but this it sacrifices for a small compact size so it can be easily tucked out of the way.

It can be easily cleaned, is dishwasher safe, no need to worry about harmful plastics and it’s easy to deconstruct to remove the pump and filter to give them a clean too. Just like the first Petsafe fountain we looked at, this one also has two drinking areas; one above the other so that pets can choose which is comfortable for them to reach and don’t have to strain.

Given that its as beautiful as a cat fountain can get without being ludicrously expensive and that its dishwasher safe, and works brilliantly this is by no doubt the best cat fountain.

Dog Mate Large Fresh Water Drinking Fountain


If you are looking for a fountain that’s extra-large, look no further as the Dog Mate fountain can hold up to 200 ounces! It’s not just for dogs as the brand might suggest, cats can drink their fill of the fresh water this fountain delivers too.

It’s got two drinking levels, just in case you do have larger pets like dogs who would like to share the fountain and with this one there is plenty of water to go around and enough room for everyone. The pump and filter are very quiet, no need to worry about a noise disturbance at all and employs a carbon filter, keeping the water nice and clean, there’s even a spare filter included.

It’s dishwasher safe, is made of no harmful materials and has adjustable flow settings so that you can regulate the water pressure to your cat’s preference. It’s not designed to be particularly beautiful looking but it is very minimalistic and practical in its looks so it’s not an eyesore at all. It is slightly bulkier than the other models but is rounded so it’s not going to be as easier to trip over as square-shaped models.

What Makes the Best Cat Fountain?

There’s a good variety of cat water fountains on the market with many different features and designs that may or may not appeal to you and. The key to finding the best cat fountain is to pay attention to the key features listed below whilst taking into consideration the products price so that you can get the best value for your money with the highest quality product!

Easy to clean

The best cat fountain options have a pump and filtrations system that you’ll need to clean every now and again to ensure the water stays fresh and the product keeps working. You want the fountain to be easy to take apart and each component to be accessible for an occasional wash, otherwise, a buildup of grime could spoil the whole thing.


You are probably aware that pumps and filtration systems can make a low buzzing noise; fish tank owners would be familiar with the same principle. The quieter the product, the less disturbing it is for you, your cat and the atmosphere of your home.

Good design

The actual aesthetic of the product may or may not be all too important for you, though, there are some sleek and Zen designs out there. However, it is essential that the best cat fountain it’s not bulky or cumbersome and instead of being quite compact in design. The reason for this is, if it was to poke out somewhat from its resting place, somebody could trip over it and spill the water over the floor.

Durable Components

The basin itself is not likely to be a cause for concern when it comes to the risk of breaking over time but the inner components like the pump and filter would be long lasting in the best cat fountain. In some products, after a while, it is said that the pump becomes nosier or the filtration system starts to break and make sure you read the product reviews to get an idea of its durability.

Different Functions

There are some clever features that the cat fountains can have including a control over the rate that the water flows from the spout or faucet which or a motion sensor that activates the device when you pet comes for a drink. These different features and design choices are there to make your life easier!

It’s also fair to say that to make the kitty dining experience super luxury, a cat water fountain would go great alongside your automatic cat feeder!

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