Birds are one of the most beautiful types of pets you can get that also really add to the atmosphere to your house or garden. They can also be pretty low maintenance; only requiring food and water to thrive.

But since we expect them to live in a human environment; in captivity, we owe them the best lifestyle and living conditions we can provide to them and the main thing a bird needs to live happily is enough space to stretch their wings and fly.

Also, some bird species do require a little more maintenance than others. They will also have variable diets and roosting behaviors that you’ll need to take into consideration and that’s where AnimalMentor comes in, we’re here to guide you on the best methods of not only keeping birds but keeping the healthy, happy and healthy.

Bird Aviary: A Bird Breeders Essential

The Best Bird Aviary: A Home for Your Flock

Bird lovers, breeders and hobbyists alike shouldn’t go without providing their birds with a bird...