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Hi there and welcome to Animal Mentor, your very own resource for sound advice, intriguing facts and useful insights into animals that are domesticated or wild!

My name is Carl McLean, rancher, pet owner, and wildlife enthusiast. The wealth of knowledge here on my site can really help to answer any questions you may have about your (soon to be) pets. Or if you, like myself, just love to read about exotic animals out in the wild I’m sure you’ll find the in-depth material fascinating.

When it comes to getting yourself a new pet, it’s never advisable to go in blind and a little bit of research about that particular animal goes a long way. After all, you never know if there is a training tip that could see you out of a spot of trouble or a product to make your life easier.

If you need help identifying wild animals or are curious about the natural world and how it’s scientifically classified, well you must be as enthusiastic about wildlife as I am! You are certainly in the right place to learn from my experiences and research! Don’t be afraid to contact me or comment on a post if you have any questions or suggestions.